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Jim Van Blaricum answers questions concerning Lightning Burgers. Haltom City, April 11, 2008: James Van Blaricum, CEO of Signal Oil and Gas, has been an entrepreneur in several industries. After becoming a medical doctor in the early seventies, Van Blaricum found that his passions were more towards pioneering and running businesses. He started in the oil and gas business in Texas near San Antonio and eventually ran a successful chain of car care facilities before moving back to the oil and gas industry. Jim Van Blaricum At the end of the nineties, Van Blaricum decided to pursue building a fast food chain and towards that end hired several people away from a prominent west coast fast food chain. “I was intrigued by the fast food business in the late 90s and started a hamburger chain,” states Van Blaricum. “I had hired some other people from another chain that I highly respected. In the course of developing our chain we wanted to make sure we weren’t copying them and made the appropriate efforts to make the business changes that we needed to protect ourselves from a legal point of view. In spite of that, the other chain, which I respect highly to this day, took us to task, and we got caught in the downturn of 9/11 and lost all of our financing and subsequently ended up having to close the business down. In the course of this, one of the local newspapers got a hold of some information that was pretty much one-sided and published a report that had a lot of information in it that I thought was incorrect.” Jim Van Blaricum

James Van Blaricum - Vangold to study likely Rwanda oil generation area

The Kivu Graben area in northwestern Rwanda holds a possible active oil generation and accumulation system, according to a technical review commissioned by Vangold Resources Ltd. The conclusion suggests that Tullow Oil's oil discovery in southwestern Uganda extends into Rwanda.
The oil slicks-seeps survey completes the first phase of the work program covering its block, White Elephant, which is part of the Albertine Graben.
Vangold will now perform a geochemical sampling of several slicks that were identified during the survey. It will also do gravity and magnetic surveys to determine the depth and areal extent of the East Kivu Graben.

The report said 53 unassigned and 2 priority unassigned slicks required "further investigation that includes Landsat fault-line interpretation, seismic correlation, and geochemical sampling studies. A fault-linear interpretation of Landsat imagery in earlier studies indicates a strong correlation of slicks with faults." Signal Oil and Gas

James Van Blaricum

Danson Mburu, Vangold's geophysicist added: "Correlation of the only two seismic sections available with some of [the unassigned sections] shows that most of the 'seep' features appear to be close to where the basin section onlaps onto the mainland or the shores of Idjwe Island."
White Elephant covers 1,631 sq km in northwestern Rwanda. Vangold has exclusive rights to the oil and gas concession and plans to start negotiations with Rwandan authorities over the next 18 months for a production-sharing license.
"Upon completion of the technical review and concluding negotiations with Vangold, the government may consider participating in the exploration phase," Vangold said. Signal Oil and Gas

Rwanda is committed to exploring its hydrocarbon potential over the long term and is commercially developing its reserves of methane gas in the Lake Kivu area. James Van Blaricum

Signal Oil and Gas
Signal Oil
Jim Van Blaricum

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